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Recent Publications

K. Jabbari, P. Heger, R. Sharma, T. Wiehe (2018)
The diverging routes of BORIS and CTCF: An interactomic and phylogenomic analysis


D. Bobbili, D. Lal, P. May, E. Reinthaler, K. Jabbari, H. Thiele, M. Nothnagel, W. Jurkowski, M. Feucht, P. Nürnberg, H. Lerche, F. Zimprich, R. Krause,  B. Neubauer, E. Reinthaler, F. Zimprich, M. Feucht, H. Steinböck, B. Neophytou, J. Geldner, U. Gruber-Sedlmayr, E. Haberlandt, G. Ronen, J. Altmüller, D. Lal, P. Nürnberg,  T. Sander, H. Thiele, R. Krause, P. May, R. Balling, H. Lerche,  B. Neubauer (2018)
Exome-wide analysis of mutational burden in patients with typical
and atypical Rolandic epilepsy


L. Ferretti, A. Klassmann, E. Raineri, T. Wiehe, S.E. Ramos-Onsins, G. Achaz (2018)
The expected neutral frequency spectrum of linked sites

Zheng Y, Janke A. (2018)
Gene flow analysis method, the D-statistic, is robust in a wide parameter space

BMC Bioinformatics 19:10

Nilsson MA*, Zheng Y*, Kumar V, Phillips MJ, Janka A. (2018)
Speciation Generates Mosaic Genomes in Kangaroos

Genome Biol Evol 10 (1):33-44

A. Klassmann, L. Ferretti (2018)
The third moments of the site frequency spectrum

Z. Yang, J. Li, T. Wiehe, H. Li (2017)
Detecting recent positive selection with a single locus test bi-partitioning the coalescent tree
In press in Genetics

P.-C. Venter, F. Nitsche, A. Domonell, P. Heger, H. Arndt (2017)
The Protistan Microbiome of Grassland Soil: Diversity in the Mesoscale

L. Ferretti, A. Ledda, T. Wiehe, G. Achaz and S.E. Ramos-Onsins (2017)
Decomposing the Site Frequency Spectrum: The Impact of Tree Topology on Neutrality Tests
Genetics, q-bio.GN 

T. Pauli, L. Vedder, D. Dowling, M. Petersen, K. Meusemann, A. Donath, R.S. Peters, L. Podsiadlowski, C. Mayer, S. Liu, X. Zhou, P. Heger, T. Wiehe, L. Hering, G. Mayer, B. Misof, O. Niehuis (2016)
Transcriptomic data from panarthropods shed new light on the evolution of insulator binding proteins in insects
BMC Genomics, 17:861 

P. Schiffer, J. Gravemeyer, M. Rauscher, T. Wiehe (2016)
Ultra large gene families: a matter of adaptation or genomic parasites?
Life 2016, 6(3),32

L. Ferretti, A. Klassmann, T. Wiehe, S.E. Ramos-Onsins, G. Achaz (2016)
The expected neutal frequency spectrum of two linked sites

A. Kraemer-Eis, L. Ferretti, P. Schiffer, P. Heger, T. Wiehe (2016)
The developmental genetic toolkit shared by bilaterian crown clades after a billion years of divergence

Older Publications

A. Ledda, G. Achaz, T. Wiehe, L. Ferretti (2015)
Decomposing the site frequency spectrum: the impact of tree topology on neutrality tests

K. Howe, P.H. Schiffer, J. Zielinski, T. Wiehe, G.K. Laird, J. Marioni, O. Soylemez, F. Kondrashov, M. Leptin (2015)
Structure and evolutionary history of a large family of NLR proteins in the zebrafish
Open Biol. 2016 6

P. Heger, T. Wiehe (2014)
New tools in the box: an evolutionary synopsis of chromatin insulators.
Trends in Genetics 30(5):161-71

F. Disanto, T. Wiehe (2014)
On the sub-permutations of pattern avoiding permutations
Discrete Mathematics 337:127

M. Rafajlovic, A. Klassmann, A. Eriksson, T. Wiehe, B. Mehlig (2014)
Demography-adjusted tests of neutrality based on genome-wide SNP data
Theor. Pop. Biol. 95:1

P.H. Schiffer, M. Kroiher, C. Kraus, G.D. Koutsovoulos, S. Kumar, J.I. Camps, N.A. Nsah, D. Stappert, K. Morris, P. Heger, J. Altmüller, P. Frommolt, P. Nürnberg, W.K. Thomas, M.L. Blaxter, E. Schierenberg (2013)
The genome of Romanomermis culicivorax: revealing fundamental changes in the core developmental genetic toolkit in Nematoda.
BMC Genomics. 14:923.

F. Disanto, A. Schlizio, T. Wiehe (2013)
Yule-generated trees constrained by node imbalance
Math Biosci 246:139–147

P. Heger, R. George and T. Wiehe (2013)
Successive gain of insulator proteins in arthropod evolution
Evolution 67:2945–2956

H. Li, T. Wiehe (2013)
Coalescent tree imbalance and a simple test for selective sweeps based on microsatellite variation
Plos Comput Biol. 9(5):e1003060

L. Ferretti, F. Disanto, T. Wiehe (2013)
The effect of single recombination events on coalescent tree height and shape
PloS One 8(4):e60123

F. Disanto, T. Wiehe (2013)
Exact enumeration of cherries and pitchforks in ranked trees under the coalescent model
Math Biosci. 242:195-2004pp

P. Heger, B. Marin, M. Bartkuhn, E. Schierenberg, T. Wiehe (2012)
The chromatin insulator CTCF and the emergence of metazoan diversity
PNAS 109:17507

F. Disanto, T. Wiehe (2012)
Some instances of a sub-permutation problem on pattern avoiding permutations

S. Uhrig, O. Coutelle, T. Wiehe, L. Perabo, M. Hallek, H. Büning (2011)
Successful target cell transduction of capsid-engineered rAAV vectord requires clathrin-dependent endocytosis
Gene Ther. 19(2):210-8

D. Richardson and T. Wiehe (2009)
Properties of sequence conservation in upstream regulatory and protein coding regions among paralogs in Arabidopsis thaliana
Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics, Vol. 5817, Ciccarelli, F.; Miklos, I. (Eds.) 2009, pp 217-218, Springer Berlin. Abstract

B. Haubold, P. Pfaffelhuber, D. Domazet-Loso and T. Wiehe (2009)
Estimating mutation distances from unaligned genomes
J Comput Biol. 16(10):1487-1500

Y. Kim and T. Wiehe (2008)
Simulation of DNA sequence evolution under models of recent directional selection
Brief Bioinform. 10(1):84-96

B. Haubold, M. Domazet-Loso and T. Wiehe (2008)
An alignment-free distance measure for closely related genomes
Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics, Vol. 5267, Nelson, C.; Vialette, S. (Eds.) 2008, X, 265 p., Springer Berlin. Abstract

M. Teschke, O. Mukabayire, T. Wiehe and D. Tautz (2008)
Identification of selective sweeps in closely related populations of the house mouse based on microsatellite scans
Genetics. 180:1537-1545

D. Živkovi? and T. Wiehe (2008)
Second order moments of segregating sites under variable population size
Genetics. 180:341-357

M. Stephan, F. Möller, T. Wiehe, J. Kleffe (2007)
Self-alignments to detect mutually exclusive exon usage
In Silico Biol. 7(6):613-621

I. Vukusic, S. Nagaraja Grellscheid, T. Wiehe (2007)
Applying genetic programming to the prediction of alternative mRNA splice variants
Genomics. 89(4):471-479

M. Thomas, F. Möller, T. Wiehe and D. Tautz (2007)
A pooling approach to detect signatures of selective sweeps in genome scans using microsatellites
Mol Ecol Notes. 7(3):400-403

T. Wiehe, V. Nolte, D. Živkovi and C. Schlötterer (2007)
Identification of selective sweeps using a dynamically adjusted number of linked microsatellites
Genetics. 175(1):207-218

B. Haubold, T. Wiehe (2006)
How repetitive are genomes?
BMC Bioinformatics. 7:541

N. Pierstorff, C. Bergman and T. Wiehe (2006)
Identifying cis-regulatory modules by combining comparative and compositional analysis of DNA
Bioinformatics. 22(23):2858-2864

B. Haubold and T. Wiehe (2006)
Introduction to Computational Biology. An Evolutionary Approach.
Textbook, 328p. Birkhauser, Basel. Link

B. Haubold, N. Piersdorff, F. Möller and T. Wiehe (2005)
Genome comparison without alignment using shortest unique substrings
BMC Bioinformatics. 6:123

M. Thomas, S. Ihle, I. Ravaoarimanana, S. Krächter, T. Wiehe and D. Tautz (2005)
Microsatellite variability in wild populations of the house mouse is not influenced by differences in chromosomal recombination rates
Biol J Linn Soc Lond. 84(3):629-635